About us

CRO (Contract Research Organization) bought in 2014 by the PopsiCube group, MissionTEC completes its offer by proposing services focused on the patient and on the investigation sites.

Our network of nurses and TECs, in addition to the CRAs provided by PopsiCube, allows us to develop clinical projects as a whole.

Thanks to our teams, we can meet all the needs of international clients, large and small, in the pharmaceutical or medtech field.

  • 2002 : MissionTEC's creation

    Creation of the SARL MissionTEC and development of the main center in Toulouse (CHU Rangueil).

  • 2004 : MissionTEC member of AFCRO's

    In 2004, MissionTEC became a member of the French Association of Clinical Research Organizations (AFCRO’s).

  • 2005: Network of nurses and technicians

    In 2005, MissionTEC provides its clients with the first network of nurses and clinical study technicians in France.

  • 2010 : Creation of a network space

    Creation of a dedicated internet access and a computer management system open to all members of the group (Network Space).

  • 2012: MissionTEC joins BioMedical Alliance

    MissionTEC joins the BioMedical Alliance association representing the bio-health sector in the Midi-Pyrénées region.

  • 2014 : Entry at PopsiCube

    In 2014, MissionTEC joined the PopsiCube group of companies.

  • 2019 : ISO 9001 certification obtained

    In 2019, MissionTEC obtains ISO 9001 certification for the quality of its services

Our management team

Today, clinical trials are increasingly complex for patients, investigators and sites: organisation, regulatory affairs, study management, etc.

At MissionTEC we understand the difficulties you face and do our utmost to alleviate them in order to improve the efficiency of your clinical trials.

Our mission is to support you throughout your study until its completion while ensuring an optimal patient experience.

Transparency: Full transparency on our joint projects.

We are one team with our clients, sharing their objectives. The aim is to create a healthy and successful relationship. However, transparency does not mean divulging your information: the privacy of your data will be respected.

Engagement: Services tailored to the needs of your study, carried out by our teams. We will accompany you throughout your study, from the initial reflection phase to its completion.

Communication: Clients are informed in real time of the progress of their studies thanks to the team we form with them.

Thanks to the efforts of all our teams to ensure quality services, MissionTEC received ISO 9001 certification in 2019 and renewed it in 2022.

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In order to improve the quality of life of our employees as well as the community and in a sustainable development approach, we have set up a CSR approach that we invite you to consult.

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