Our CSR policy

MissionTEC does not employ workers under the legal minimum age and does not resort to illegal employment.

A social and economic council is in place and allows for regular exchanges between employees and the management committee in order to resolve any potential problems concerning health, safety and work organization.

Protecting people and employees against all types of discrimination

MissionTEC is committed to ensuring that individuals and employees are not discriminated against on the basis of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or social origin.

Any employee who witnesses any discrimination should alert the Board of Directors for immediate action.

MissionTEC is particularly concerned about discrimination in the hiring process. That is why we have implemented a streamlined recruitment process that ensures equal treatment of all applicants with a selection based on objective criteria (primarily related to skills, education, experience) to select the most suitable candidate for the position.

MissionTEC is also committed to ensuring that there is no difference in salary between men and women for the same position with similar skills and experience.

To promote the safety, the health and the well-being of the employees is fundamental for the PopsiCube group.

We set up a company agreement concerning the implementation of regular telecommuting for the eligible employees. Each eligible employee who wishes to work remotely must conform to the charter of the remote worker of PopsiCube. The benefits of telecommuting for employees are well established: reduced commuting time, more flexible work schedules that allow the telecommuter more time to devote to family life or passions, and increased autonomy and responsibility as the telecommuter organizes their own schedule.

MissionTEC is committed to complying with all applicable regulations in all countries where we operate, including labor laws.

MissionTEC has been concerned about climate change for years. For example, since 2016 we have been using green electricity’ guaranteed to be 100% renewable.

Another concrete action taken by MissionTEC is the purchase of hybrid company cars.

MissionTEC has also taken advantage of the renovation of its headquarters to renovate the premises with quality & ecological materials (reversible heating: heat pump; LED lighting panels, Tarkett tiles, instant water heater…) in order to reduce energy consumption and decrease our carbon footprint.

MissionTEC also promotes waste reduction and recycling through several concrete actions such as using recycled paper, limiting printing, not using plastic mugs for coffee…

MissionTEC offers its clients to collaborate in the “Ten visits – one tree” formula in partnership with the company EcoTree. This voluntary initiative consists of balancing the carbon footprint of ARC and nurses’ business travel.

As a provider of IT tools and services, MissionTEC pays particular attention to the ecological impact of the development of our applications and websites. We use Ecometer and the GreenIT-Analysis extension that provides EcoIndex to analyze and improve the eco-design and performance of our applications and websites.



MissionTEC is proud to share its expertise in the field of clinical research and is always ready to support biotechs, institutions and healthcare personnel in order to foster the emergence of innovations. Thus, MissionTEC is regularly involved in international “pro bono publico” studies in order to participate in the development of scientific and medical knowledge.

The PopsiCube group is also committed to use suppliers and partners who share the same vision and the same values.

The PopsiCube group is a member of a local association promoting access to education and employment, involved in the revitalization of the territory. PopsiCube subscribed to the charter concerning in particular the offer of internship for the students in alternation, the recruitment of handicapped persons or presenting various difficulties to accompany them in their integration in the professional life.

The PopsiCube group also benefits from a network of local nurses with its subsidiary MissionTEC, thus developing local relations.